Learn from Nikki Arensman, an featured Brand Expert & Business Strategist

How You Can Build An Audience That Is

Ready To Buy

Even If You Have Less Than 1000 Followers On Instagramâ„¢,

Not A Lot Of Time On Your Hands

Or Are Just Getting Started In Your Business


What You'll Learn:

In this workshop I am going to take you behind the scenes of what it is like to build an audience that is ready to buy.

Instead of having a list full of lookers and freebie-seekers, you'll create an audience of potential paying clients

who know who you are, how to work with you and what they can expect.

  • The Triple R Factor For Preparing Your Audience For A Future Purchase

  • What Your Audience Wants To Know Before They Hit The Buy Button
  • How You Can Help Your Clients Make Easier Buying Decisions

  • The 4 Things Most Coaches & Consultants Get Wrong When It Comes To Selling To Their Audience


Brand Expert & Business Strategist

Nikki is an expert at supporting female digital service providers in building a brand-driven business from day one. She is the Founder of The Business of Branding Podcast and Creator of Impactful Brand Academy.

Through her programs, courses and services she has helped over 10,000 women owned businesses build a brand they are absolutely in love with. Nikki understands first hand the importance of knowing your ideal clients desires, fears and needs and how to get out of your head and in to their hearts.

She has built multiple six-figure businesses from a women's activewear line to a full-service design and branding agency. She built and scaled a $500K+ low-ticket lead generation funnel in less than 5 months and believes in the power of digital marketing.

Nikki is incredibly passionate about empowering and equipping women with the tools needed to turn their passion into a profitable business and a beautiful brand.

She is a mom, a wife and a lifelong creative living in South Florida.


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